Sunday, December 19, 2010

Never Enough Time

'Every morning you get up only when your mom screams at top of her voice', 'You join amidst your friends who were laughing after some funny conversation they had ', 'Getting scolding is part of your college life' , 'Always curse yourself and others for doing things in a hurry', 'Had a break up just because you broke the promise you made'. If some of these are part of your life just like mine, you are in a league called The procrastinator.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Life is filled with lessons

I hope most of you might have experienced this in your final year of college. All that you hear is placement, training etc. If you happened to get any tips from your seniors or staffs, all they say is "you need to have a right attitude which is very difficult to build", "you should go for some personality development classes". Well if you ask me, I would say it can be easily built and no need for going to any of these classes. Lesson can be learnt from every incident and thing you do in your life. I completely believe that they happen just to teach you some valuable lesson. One such example is Age of Empires(AOE). It’s a strategy game in which most of us fail to understand its valuable lessons. This game has personally changed me and my friends in terms of attitude and approach in life. It may sound insane, but its very true. Ask any AOE player, I bet he would say the same, if not ask him to read this post because he has failed to implement them.