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Who are we?

We are a not-for-profit, UserGroup run by the students and recent graduates, for the students. Its members are interested in Evangelizing Technology , innovation, leadership and management.


We have a financial and External Relation Process in place where we are able to generate profits and conduct future events with it hence improving the growth of the UserGroup. We are supported by Microsoft, GITCA, Ineta, Leadcap and YUVA Unstoppable.


We do not represent or encourage participation of any form of government.

By the Students, for the Students

Our Usergroup provides a platform for the students to experiment and explore their leadership quality and improve the tech-savvy in them so that they have a positive impact on the society by sharing information with their peers.

Evangelizing Technology & Innovation

The main aim of the Usergroup. We share the knowledge Fruit with peers, providing them opportunities to innovate and realize their dreams. We encourage participation in various events held by the Stake Holders (eg. Imaginecup)

Leadership and Management

We provide Leadership opportunities in our Usergroup. The Usergroup maintains a hierarchy so that proper management is facilitated.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision To realize the true student potential of the city.

Mission We create Revolutions Each Step, implementing team work and mentorship.

What are our Values?

* Bringing Change

* Inducing Belongingness

* Providing Experience

* Unveiling Innovations

* Growing Together

Our Impact:

We enable young people to discover and develop their potential, acknowledge their innovation and provide leadership for a positive change on society

How we do it?

We provide the members with an integrated development experience comprised of various Student Programs like CBEUG ‘+’ Agent, the Microsoft Student Partner Program and other Microsoft Student Oppotunities. YUVA Unstoppable, Leadcap helps in providing leadership opportunities, internships and participation in an exciting learning environment. We also provide opportunities from such programs to Educational Institutions like deployment of email services (Live@edu), Academic Alliance with the Microsoft Developer Network, Online training for students and Faculty (Faculty Development Program, IT Academy) and so on.

How do I be a part of CBEUG?

Simple, visit the website, register yourself and open yourself to the updates on the latest technology. Send us a mail at if you have any queries relating to become a CBEUG ‘+’ Agent. Wait, what is a CBEUG ‘+’ Agent? A CBEUG ‘+’ Agent is the CBEUG representative of a particular Educational Institution. He/She has the opportunity to lead the tech-club started in his college and attend the meetings of CBEUG. He also has a first hand experience on organizing events and working along with the other CBEUG Members. The advantage of being a ‘+’ Agent is to easily become a part of the student programs CBEUG is associated with, as the CBUEG ‘+’ Agent would be provided with recommendations and Endorsments from our end to make the recruitment easier. You can become one, if you have the right attitude, the right mindset to learn things, a bright perspective, and a good command over the English language. Your real experience in life begins @ CBEUG. Create the change in you.

What do we do?

We have a particular pattern in which we work. We make sure that everyone who is a part of CBEUG undergoes each and every stage


The student is first inducted into the usergroup and a basic idea of what CBEUG does is enlightened. The student is then made to develop the essential skillset that is required.


Upon organizing events, a lot of qualitites such as planning, leadership, teamwork, etc., are touched upon.


This phase, the student trains other new recruits by sharing their experiences and knowledge


Leadership opportunities are provided to the student where complete exposure is given in terms of responsibility and professionalism


This phase is all about improving one’s public speaking skill. Sharing knowledge is what one learns here


We encourage students to take up corporate certification exams, this would enable the student to obtain a different learning perspective. Vouchers and discounted exam opportunities would be provided to select CBEUG-ians.


We encourage students to implement new ideas and apply what they have learnt throughout their journey in CBEUG.

Events what we have Conducted

Coimbatore Student Summit(CSS) Erode Student Summit(ESS) Professional Developer Conference(PDC) CBEUG Conference Young Achievers forum (CLV) Community Launch Bootcamp(BC) Hands on Lab(HOL)

Audience Covered Till Date

We CBEUG-ians are really proud to maintain this asset. We have technically touched the lives of approximately 25,000 People since 2007. DreamSpark Yatra is another campaign by Microsoft started in 2010. During this campaign CBEUG Reached out and evangelised to more than 10 Cities, which includes: Erode, Trichy, Namakkal, Salem, Rasipuram, Karur, Thanjavur, Kanchipuram, Wayanad (Kerala) and so on.




Future Plans

We are focusing on a better experience providing organization where students get the actual knowledge required, which cannot be taught with the help of books. Experience that can shape an individual. We are aiming towards creating a tomorrow where every individual is capable of comprehending to the current trends of technology.

Press Report


1. Student Developer Conference 2007

2. Hindu Interview

3. Professional Developer Conference 2008

4. Student Developer Conference 2008


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