Thursday, April 1, 2010


This tine we were invited as guest speakers at Arunai Engineering College, Thiruvannamalai On 27th March 2010.



Thiruvannamalai a city 300km from Coimbatore, famous for its Shiva Temple. So this becomes our 8th city and 9thDreamspark event. This event was organized by Santhosh the MSP of same college. The way they organized the entire event was commendable. We had more than 300 students with a mixture of MCA, Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical


The guests were felicitated by the college Principal and HOD Computer Science.

We had planned for a full day technical event with a little bit of fun

We started with the regular Microsoft Academic Initiative which included Microsoft Student Partner Program, CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group and Dreamsparkyatra.

Immediately after that we had a session on the Introduction to the .Net Framework. used my .net framework example. Krish’s session on Windows Mobile followed. A demo of a simple program was shown, the audience were highly impressed by this session. After that was the interesting session by Abhishek Suresh on Windows Presentation Foundation, usage of simple terminologies and everyday items he clearly explained the concept.


The afternoon was a mixture of some techii, non techii and fun stuff. The session was followed by the session by Abhishek Suresh on Windows Azure. He explained the various latest features of it. The audience responded to all the questions posed and the session was fun. Then we had the usual Tech GyaanMasala. As this session was a Hit in all the other events, we made it mandatory. Students were very keen throughout this session and were amazed by the cool features.

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