Friday, August 28, 2009

ERODE STUDENT SUMMIT 2009 - Developing Interest in Students Community

Cool rangoli in vellalar college

After a successful Developer Conference in Vellalar college last semester, they invited us again to conduct a similar conference. This time we wanted it to be a different, so we suggested them to call the nearby college students as well. As it was a conference with students in and around Erode, We named it as
Which is a technical gyan event conducted by CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group, were all the Microsoft Student Partners, Mozilla Campus Representatives join together and conduct a one day conference in Erode. ESS '09 was conducted on 26th August which had more than 300 students across different colleges. The participants were from Bannari Amman Institute, Nanda Engineering college, Vellalar Engineering college, KSR Engineering College, Mahendra Institute Of Technology, Excel Engineering College and Excel Institute of Management.

Recruitment for MSP had also begun. As a MSP, we can refer few students which gives added value in their selection process. In order to refer a right candidate we planned a MOCK RECRUITMENT PROCESS in ESS '09. For which we had planned Aptitude, Group Discussion and Interview.

Myself and Abhishek made a point that we would be motivating New Recruits and take them along with us to various events that we would be conducting. This time we had two new recruits with us.
It was nice to see a new recruited MSP, Ramkrishna from M.Kumarasamy college of Engineering,Karur, who joined us in this conference. New recruited MCR, Vivek Balaji from our college also Joined us.

We started with the usual introductory session were we explained them about our usergroup, CBEUG. We also gave them a brief about the MSP recruitment process and also about the MOCK RECRUITMENT that we had planned. We then took a lot of interesting sessions like Robotics, Microsoft Academic Initiative, Windows 7 , Virtual PC, User Experience, Internet Security, Firefox and a lot more.

Parallel to the sessions that were going on, we were conducting aptitude test , Group Discussion. Myself and Abhishek engaged the morning session, after that we were completely busy with the MOCK RECRUITMENT PROCESS. The aptitude test had very simple questions from mathematics, C and a lot more interesting questions. A set of Students after all these process were selected by us. We asked them to Register at with our names as referrals.
Overall we had a great and laborious day.


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I wish I was there to take up your tests and Mock Interviews :)

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