Sunday, December 14, 2008

@Day 1 (10th August 2007)

We received a great response from engineering students (as far a 150 km away) around the district of Coimbatore. We were able to enroll about 104 students from other engineering colleges. Dr.Arokyaswamy ,President ,Computer Society of India (CSI) –Coimbatore chapter, Was invited for the inaugural address. The student were spellbound when he went on to elaborate on the challenges of the IT.Then student representatives from various colleges were asked to convey their expectations. We were taken by surprise when a student representative queried “How is Microsoft countering the GOOGLE GEAR threat ?” (Of course, the MSP’s got into act immediately!)
The first session was on Microsoft Academia that covered the various initiatives taken by Microsoft for the Students, Faculty members and more. The audience went crazy when they knew any answer to the question asked, would be appreciated with a Visual studio CD.

Then they adopted a innovative approach to elaborate on the difference between Microsoft XP and Microsoft Vista operating system. We had provided the MSP’s with two projectors .One had the output from a machine running on Microsoft XP and the other from a machine running on Microsoft Vista. Hence the audience were able to appreciate on the experience Vista provided.

The videos shown were awe-inspiring! .The auditorium echoed the applause time and again. One particular video on the evolution of the Operating system was greatly motivating.
At the end of the day 1, students were asked to come out with questions in their mind.

After the success of Day 1 event it was followed by session of interviews. The MSP leads were able to appreciate the concentration levels the students exhibited throughout the day. Most of my friends were interviewed. Later I came to know my turn was on the next day.

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