Saturday, December 20, 2008

@Day2(11th August 2007)

Another person Sumedh Sakdeo from Pune joined the MSPs.The participants were received in the auditorium with the Windows vista official song rocking the roofs. The session on creating a website with WEB 2.0 kindled the creativity quotient of the gathering ,with many claiming after the session that they had their problems solved with regard to AJAX. They showed the difference of working experience in html and The various pillars of Windows vista presentation ,XML and RSS technologies were covered in the further sessions.
A bit difficult question ,“What were the languages used to develop the Windows XP operating system?” was finally thrown at the audience. The MSPs brought in huge competition by offering to provide the original windows vista operating system CD to the participant with the most convincing answer
One of my classmate Fazulul Rahman and another fellow, Anmol Vij from Sri Krishna college won an original windows vista operating system CD each.
The valedictory session was presided over by Mr.Sankara narayana, Dean, Electrical Sciences,VLB Engineering College. The testimonial sessions by delegates from other engineering colleges were overwhelming with gratitude for the hospitality our college provided and the knowledge which the MSP’s imparted. A Photograph session with the MSPs was requested by the participants and a lot of them walked away with signatures from their heroes.

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