Saturday, January 3, 2009

Get to know about Mozilla Campus Representative

Fazulul Rahman is currently doing 3rd yr B.E Computer Science and Engineering in my College. He has been selected as Mozilla campus representative and taking session on Firefox and many other Mozilla products in our college. Recently Mozilla conducted a worldwide competition "Mozilla - on the street" in which he had participated and now is among the top 3 who have won this competition. Let us hear his experience

and know what this mozilla campus representative is all about.

You can also watch his survey on YouTube "" and guys please do comment on it.

Hello Fazulul Rahman, how are you?

Ya, I am fine Arumugham, How are you?

Fine. Hey congrats dude. Its really nice to hear that you have won this competition. great going.

Thanks. :)

First of all, what is this Mozilla Campus Representative all about ?

Anyone who really feels to educate and share knowledge among people and form a group of people who are passionate about open source software and the participatory Web? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, you should be a Mozilla Campus Rep!

Hmmm. Then what are the benefits being a MCR ?

Of course being a MCR gives a lots of benefits . Your resume get enhanced as you get a reference letter from Mozilla, develop your marketing skills to finest and obviously gain knowledge about open source software and web technology.

Wow. Can you share your experience in "Mozilla on the street" competition and what you had to do ?

Ya I had great fun. It is a competition for all the MCRs around the world. It is all about taking a survey from people from various disciplines, to know about their views on Mozilla Firefox.

It was really an awesome experience hearing the exceptional usefulness of Firefox from the public. It made me to think that people are very much aware of the world’s most fastest, safe and useful browser “Mozilla Firefox”. In this on the street experience, i met loads of people. They find Firefox as their best companion when it comes to surfing or searching…while there are only few who have little knowledge of just loading web pages through Firefox. And there are even few who haven’t heard of Firefox and still stick on to the old default Windows browser “Internet Explorer”. I took this opportunity to teach and show them that there is Firefox for them to lead. I also helped them come out of that little knowledge and made them use the world’s fastest browser “Mozilla Firefox”. I helped installing them the recent Firefox and showed them the difference in speed for loading WebPages between Firefox and IE. I also explained them the useful features like add-ons, private data clearing, player integration, download manager integration, popup blockers, etc…

that’s cool.How do you feel being a Mozilla campus representative ?

Well I really feel very proud to be a mozilla campus representative(MCR). Its really a great opportunity to share knowledge and technology, Amidst students and IT professionals.

What are your future plans as MCR ?

I am planning to conduct sessions in various colleges, in and around Coimbatore. I am also planning to conduct a Conference on web and open source technology inviting various IT Professionals and students.

It wouldn’t be complete without telling us, how you have been selected as MCR?

Generally I am passionate towards Mozilla Firefox and its my favorite browser too. So I thought of getting some way or the other related to it and contribute something. While surfing I came across this website from where I came to know about Mozilla's service towards students.

As this was the only way to be a part of Mozilla, I was really active in various forum of Mozilla and I showed my interest of becoming a MCR. Finally I requested and after considering my profile, I was selected as Mozilla Campus Representative.

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