Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hear other Mozilla Campus Representatives Experience on "Mozilla on the street" Competition

Abhishek Suresh and Sheriff Mirza, are also MCR in my college.They both are in 3rd Year IT dept. Let us hear their experience. is their You tube link and I hope you comment it too.

Hello Abhi and Sheriff congrats for being selected as MCR. Its really great to have three MCRs in our college alone.
Hey thanks.

So guys please share your experience creating this video and what you could make out?
Even we had a lot of fun creating this video.We visited a couple of places, and it was an amazing experience speaking to many people. It was embarrassing and funny in the beginning, eventually we got a hang of it and it was fun indeed. We made a compilation of the funniest and best interviews which would of course make the video a bit interesting to watch.
From our Statistics, this is what we obtained:
Google Chrome - 20 Users
Mozilla Firefox - 16 Users
Safari - 15 Users
Opera - 15 Users
Internet Explorer - 8 Users
Maxthon - 1 User
Ares? - 1 User

Oh i have not even heard of the last two browsers.Great job guys

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