Saturday, March 21, 2009

- Developing Interest in Student Community

Its an technical gyan event conducted by CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group, were all the Microsoft Student Partners, Mozilla Campus Representatives join together and conduct a one day conference in Coimbatore.
This time the CSS '09 was hosted by INFOSCIENCE, a campus club of Tamilnadu Engineering College.
The college is situated in picturesque surroundings, abutting NH 47 (Salem-Cochin) in Karumathampatti, 30km for the industrial city of Coimbatore, 20km from the textile center of Tirupur and 10km from the temple town of Avinashi.(tats wat they have put in their website :D)
INFOSCIENCE is a highly enthusiastic and well organized campus club.Special thanks to Shiva Shankar, Vipin and INFOSCIENCE members(the people behind the scene) of III yr CSE .Their management skills was truly admirable.
There were more than 1400 attendees from more than 20 different colleges in and around Coimbatore.

We started with Microsoft Academic Initiative which included Microsoft Student Partner Program, CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group Channel 8, MSDN AA, Live@Edu, Dreamspark, Ineta, Imagine Cup 09, Faculty Connection and Student2Business.
Immediately after that Windows 7 was taken, students were very keen throughout this session and were amazed by the cool features. Then we explained them how to create a Virtual hard disc in windows 7 which is an inbuilt feature in it with a demo.
After 1 hour of lunch we started with a session on Mozilla Firefox add - ons and all about blogging.
As things were going too technical, we conducted quiz in the middle.That re - energized the students as they were all given goodies for simple questions . Then we took few more technical sessions with a lot of demos like creating a silverlight & WPF applications, then Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Photosynth and all about User Experience. We also played a small skit to make the students understand the problems faced by company on the issue "wide gap between developer and designer". That made them understand more easily.

Then at last the most awaiting session Microsoft Robotics Studio was taken. All the students were thrilled and excited. They were really amazed when we showed them how easy it is to write a program in Visual Programming Language and also run the Robot in Simulated Environment.
Then once again we did our usual crap of askin the same old question "convince us what operating system does Rajinikanth use." because we believe that it makes the crowd happy. :D. We gave 4 GB pen drives for the winners.
CSS '09 was a grand and successful event and we are sure that it had Developed Interest in Student Community

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