Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The first event organized before being a MSP, 28 th Sep 2007

@Behind the Scenes
Technical Meet was the first conference that I organized after I got selected for Microsoft Student Partner program (but not recruited :)) on 28th Sept 2008. For this we had invited the Madurai .net user group MSPs Mr. Arun and Mr.Jebasingh who were in their final yrs. As there were a lot of conference been conducted in our college, we wanted a totally different kind of conference. So the days before the event we created different posters. We gained a lot of Experience by this conference.

@ Day before the event
The day before the event we invited all the first years and explained them about the event that was to happen the next day. We also gave a brief of Imagine cup, Microsoft, Student partner program and about our user group. The students were really excited and felt it different from the usual session.

@ Day of the Conference
Jebasingh and Arun were the key speakers on that day and most of the audience were from the 1st year(we consoled our self that we had done a good job :D ).
They spoke on Introduction to .net, Visual Studio 2008, Imagine cup, Silverlight and so on. As the audience were from 1st year they felt it was too techii. So they came with a very interactive quiz which made them back on track. They also should a lot of interactive videos which made them alive.
It was the first time we had organized an event ourselves which helped us a lot in gaining a lot of Experience.

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