Monday, November 17, 2008

This is our HINDU interview looooong back

Taking technology to the masses
Anasuya Menon


They will be updated on developments in technology
Interactive programmes to be organised

COIMBATORE: Abhishek Suresh and S. Arumugham, second year Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering, students from Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, have been selected by Microsoft as student partners.
Having joined the bandwagon of about 250 Microsoft Student Partners across the country, they aim to take technology to the masses. An unrelenting passion for technology helped them get through the selection process. The Microsoft Student Partner programme is an initiative to sponsor students who are interested in technology. The company delegates these student partners to take its products and latest technology to the larger student community in various engineering colleges in the city.
The student partners would be updated on the various developments in technology. “For instance, we would get to know which software is going to be released first, what are its applications and so on,” says Arumugham.
The tenure of a student partner is one year. However, depending on their performance, it could be extended. If they continue to perform well, they could become Microsoft Student Partner Leads, who has direct communication with Microsoft. They could then get an internship with the company which, might even lead to a job.
“But that’s not our goal. Being a student partner gives us a strong base in technology and strengthens our skills,” says Abhishek. “Technology is a very dynamic area. Something new crops up each day. We have the advantage of learning these developments first being student partners,” he adds.
User group
These student partners would form a user group and organise technical sessions for the members. The user group is not confined to engineering students alone. Anyone interested in technology can be part of it, professionals and even Arts and Science students who have an interest in technology can be its members.
Abhishek and Arumugham, however, plan to take Microsoft’s technology to school students too. “By organising interactive programmes such as quizzes on technology for school students, we want to make them aware of the latest trends and their applications,” Arumugham says.
Secretary of Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, T. Dheepan, says being Microsoft’s student ambassadors would improve their employability.
“The concept also fosters a sort of a network among students and improves the circulation of information,” he adds.
The Coimbatore Institute of Technology, PSG College of Technology and Amrita Institute of Technology also have Microsoft Student Partners.

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