Thursday, November 5, 2009


This was the first ever bootcamp organized by CBEUG. As there were a lot of newly recruited MSP, Abhishek and myself realized the necessity for guiding them and create an opportunity for them to communicate. The venue of the BootCamp was Zoom Consultancy. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Anil Nair for providing us the venue and also special thanks to Fazulul Rahman and Vivek Balaji who helped us.
We had MSP across different districts. We were even happy that the students we recommended became MSPs.There were a couple of more MSPs who happen to miss the session due to various reasons.

Abhishek and Myself began the introductory session and we started off explaining our past experiences and how we were recruited into the program and so on. The Ice Breaking session was effective, we made the new recruits make 10 statements about themselves out of which 5 statements should be stated false, and the rest of them should guess which were the false statements made by the speaker. We explained the roles and benefits of an MSP, the Do's and Don'ts etc.

Then after our lunch the CBEUG structure was explained to them. Then the method of uploading and the opportunities available for the new recruits to gain points very easily was clearly described. I was very glad that the MSPs were already in the process of planning to reach their targets. One of the MSPs (Sathya) already has secured 160 points which was truly amazing!

After the sessions and lots of coffee, we celebrated the launch of Windows 7! It was a small party where we ate some Junk food and used the Windows 7 Tissue Papers :). Overall it was a memorable event, a niche in the history of CBEUG. Hoping to make wonders in the coming days.
The New Recruits were amazing to be with. They truly deserve the role of an MSP. They were highly responsive and interactive.
We are truly glad that we were able to motivate and guide our junior MSPs, personally It really feels good within meeting them :)

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