Monday, January 25, 2010

Cookery and .net Framework

Before I start, lets learn a bit on cookery. First of all for cooking you need a gas cylinder & stove. Lol :)

For preparing dosa, chapatti, omelet etc all you need is a pan(thava). At times we even toast bread with the help of pan instead of a toaster. U need rice flour, wheat flour, egg respectively for preparing the items. Then you use your hands and various other kitchenware to prepare them.
So let us start and learn preparing dosa.
Obviously you have to connect gas cylinder to your stove and above that you keep the pan. Then using your hand and with the help of kitchenware you spread the rice flour evenly on the pan. Then when the lower part is fried, you turn it and do the other side. Thus the dosa is ready. You follow the same methodology(only the initial part differs) for preparing the other items as well.

That’s with the cookery classes, now let us learn what .net Framework is.
.net Framework is an integral Windows component that supports building and running the next generation of applications and Web services. In simple terms .net framework is a layer installed above your operating system to create different windows and web application. One important feature of .net framework is its language independence. i.e. you can develop your applications by choosing any language that you are good in. There are more than 155 languages supported by it. Like C#, Java, vb, etc. Now even python is included.

For developing the applications you need an integrated development Environment that provides you a set of tools. So that is were the Visual Studio comes into picture. Visual studio is an IDE that helps you to develop web & windows application on the .net framework.

I m pretty sure that you haven't understood even a single thing about .net framework. So let us co relate this with the cookery class that we took at the beginning.
The gas cylinder is the hardware and the stove is the operating system. The pan is the .net framework kept above the stove(OS). The wheat flour, rice flour, egg etc are the various languages that are supported by the pan( .net framework). Dosa, chappati etc are the required application that you want to build. You do that with your hand and with the help of various kitchenware which is nothing but the Visual Studio IDE and its tools.

Well I have tried to explain this in best possible lay man terms, I hope it was useful.


SUFFIX said...

Thanks a lot, you have explained in a very simple way, i got it.

Arumugham S. said...

Thanks for the comment. It will be great if you give some valuable suggestion