Monday, February 8, 2010



After the MSP Open Days, it was time for us work to work as a team. Eduspark yatra which was announced in the Open days was the one right opportunity. So we planned to organize a CBEUG Bootcamp to motivate and share our idea to all the new recruited MSPs. We planned for a two days event at Hotel Vijay Paradise. It was organized on 6th and 7th of February 2010.



We organized the Boot Camp with the help of SathyaNarayanan and Jibin the newly recruited MSP, so that they get an experience into organizing events. Again it was a thrilling last-minute successful planning and lightning fast implementation. 

@Day 1:

It begin with an introduction to the Usergroup where we explained what are the roles of an MSP and the responsibilities of the Executive Body. Notepads, Pens, Charts and CBEUG Stickers were distributed to all during this time. It was a pleasant surprise for the MSPs.
After the CBEUG Organization session was over, we conducted the SONA - State of National Affairs
This was an activity where the MSPs are jumbled and made to sit in groups. Then a couple of tasks would be given to each team which required interaction amongst each other and amazing Team Work. This was the perfect Ice Breaking Session.


After SONA we broke for lunch and we came back to Sathya Narayan's Session to help the Phase II selected MSPs, introducing them to the various sessions and tips on how to go about handling the various tasks being an MSP. It really helped the new recruits. Jibin also helped the MSPs on how to plan for a DevCon, what are the shortcomings they would come across etc. clip_image006

@Day 2:

Next we had a Driver's Test. This test is a personality analysis Test. Test sheets were handed out to all the MSPs and all of them were made to complete the test. Then the analysis was based upon the responses of the MSPs. I was truly shocked to see that the Test made a 90% Perfect Analysis of the Individual. This was a real eye opener.
After the Driver's Test, myself and Abhishek left the venue to the OCP get a little gift for the attendees. Meanwhile Jibin Varghese was taking care of the attendees by checking them into the rooms and making sure that everything was fine. I had planned a small party where we had another Ice Breaking session, but due to the immense participation of the MSPs during the whole day, most of them slept off.
The Next Day began with a Bang. EduSpark Analysis and planning was made full on. I was inspired by the team effort put by all the MSPs in planning the EduSpark. We finalized the entire list of colleges to visit, the total number of Developer Conferences and the number of Goodies to provide to the audience. I really wish you were there to witness the team work.

After we finalized the plans and had a nice lunch. We had the awards ceremony, where we distributed the little surprise to everyone. They were a set of Visiting Cards for all the attendees of the session. We also distributed resource DVDs. It was a pleasant surprise for them. Vice Presidents of the Usergroup was also announced. Then we "promised" an award for the Best Performing MSP and the MSP to initiate Maximum number of MSDN AA and Live@edu.

This was the long 2 Day amazingly "AWESOME" Boot Camp that we had ever Conducted. It was a nice experience. The MSPs are eager to come for the next boot camp which we planned in the month of April / May.



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