Wednesday, February 24, 2010



This was the official launch of Dreamspark yatra in India. It was on 23rd Feb 2010.We were glad that it started from Coimbatore. This event was organized by Jibin Varghese and Saraang of the same college.
The other chief guests were
Mr. Sidharth Prakash, Program Manager, Microsoft Academic Team
Mrs. Anusha R Mahesh, Chief Executive, Park Institutions.
We had a huge participants of over 1300 including various faculties from different colleges.
The technical session was taken by Mr. Sidharth Prakash, who unveiled latest technology from microsoft and explained different aspects of SQL server.
After that we had the usual session along with Powerpoint 2010, Project Natal, Small basics, Windows 7, Deep zoom, Virtual PC, were the tech topics disclosed in the event.
Student participated in various activities and were provided with goodies and lunch.


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