Thursday, March 4, 2010

DSY@ Muthayamal engineering college


This time it was at Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram on 3rd March 2010. This is the 5th city and including this we have covered 3000 students: D.


This event was organized by one of the CBEUG MSP at Muthayammal Engg College, Krish Thaiyappan. The way he organized the entire event was commendable. The hospitality provided by him and his management was amazing. We had more than 550 students with a mixture of MCA, Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical and even Arts.



We were felicitated by the college Dean, Principal and HOD Computer Science.


We had planned for a full day technical event with a little bit of fun. In parallel to the sessions, we had also planned for

Dreamspark yatra pit stop (DY PIT STOP).


This is the brainchild of KrishThaiyappan, MSP from Muthayammal Engg College. DY PIT STOP is nothing but a stall, were all the MSPs other than the one taking sessions, show demos of Windows 7, Boku, Small Basics, Photosynth, Multipoint SDK, Office 2010, Silverlight etc. This was done to ensure the crowd that couldn’t attend the event can have a look at the demos at DY PIT STOP. This actually worked and MSPs had tough time managing the crowd in the DY PIT STOP.



We started with the regular Microsoft Academic Initiative which included Microsoft Student Partner Program, CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group and Dreamspark yatra. Immediately after that we had a session by Abhishek on User Experience which is a mixture of WPF, Silverlight and Expression studio. In the middle of the session I, conducted a Skit with Abhishek to make sure that the audience understand the "wide gap between Developer and Designer".


The next session was presided by me on Robotics Studio. A demo of a simple programming in robot was shown. The afternoon was a mixture of some non techii and fun stuff. We had the Imagine cup activity conducted by Kenedy. He explained about the various events of Imagine cup 2010 and also conducted a test for the students. The one who scored highest was awarded with a webcam. Then we had session on Windows 7 by Sathya Narayanan, he explained some cool and interactive features of Windows 7.

Then we had Tech Gyaan Masala, which is a session on how to solve problems faced by students. It was a mixture of Deepzoom, Virtual PC, Photosynth, Kodu, Small Basics, Windows writer and many other useful applications from Microsoft. They were explained by MSPs for some 10 min each. Students were very keen throughout this session and were amazed by the cool features.


This event as a whole was a wonderful experience. The best part was the time management. Keeping up time was always the difficult part in most of the session but this set as an example and we decided to carry this on.

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