Monday, March 8, 2010


Velalarcollege I would say this event was a major milestone achieved in CBEUG history. Unfortunately i was not able to join the event.

This was the biggest DreamSpark Event in India and was conducted at Velalar Engineering College, in Erode, on 7th March 2010. This is the 5th city of our DreamSpark Campaign. For the second time we created history. The first event of CBEUG where we addressed an audience strength of 2500. It was an amazing challenge.


This event was organized by the CBEUG MSPs, Venkat, Gopinathan, Shiva, Aravindhan, Balaji. The way they organized the entire event was awesome. They had a very short span of time and they were capable of bringing 1200 students from other colleges. They went to individual colleges and invited the students. They also took a small session in the colleges creating interest among the students. They did it without any assistance from any other MSP.They pulled off the DreamSpark Yatra amazingly well. The hospitality provided was good. We had more than 2500 students in a single hall which had an overhead balcony also. The crowd was a mixture of students coming from various departments like MCA, Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical and IT.


The key speaker of this event was

Mr. Suhas Deshmukh, Microsoft IDC


The Session began with Mr.Suhas explaining about the testing methodologies in Microsoft. The students were very eagerly listening to him. The interaction was good at the venue. The students enjoyed the explanation of Mr. Suhas. The students came up with a lot of questions to Mr. Suhas

After that session Animesh Jain took on XNA Framework. He created a simple game using XNA in 10 Minutes. The crowd was amazed by this session. He also showed some sample games.

Abhishek Suresh began his session on UX but unfortunately the Projecter failed to work due to over heating. Abhishek Suresh then handled the session efficiently without the help of the projector. It was a challenge to handle such a big crowd without the projector. The crowd was also getting pretty agitated due to the high temperature climate present there. The auditorium was also not properly ventilated.


After Abhishek’s Session, Jibin took on Windows 7 and Project Natal. The crowd was in awe with the Natal Video and the various features of Windows 7. The projector also resumed working.

Sathya and Kennedy handled the next session. Imagine Cup Activity. We shot questions to the audience and gave away goodies to the correct answering attendees. It was highly interactive and interesting as the students wanted to stay back without lunch till 3:30. But we wound up as soon as possible so that the college officials would be able to handle the crowd.


And this time we tried something Different. We asked the audience for their favourite actor and Rajinikanth was voted in. Then I asked the question: “Which Operating System does Rajinikanth use and why?”

The winner won a ticket to the PDC @ Coimbatore J and a USB Speaker.


Though this event was a huge success, we learnt that handling huge student crowd is not an easy job. So we decided not to have any more big events like this in future.

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