Friday, December 25, 2009


Ever since we started CBEUG in 2007, it was always few MSPs. As it was in the growing stage we happened to conduct few big events and most of the events in our college itself.
After the Bootcamp v1.0, we realized that there are a lot of MSPs joining the team and if it happens to continue in the same way, it wouldn’t be perfect.
We realized that only if there is a structure built, it could help the user group grow and sustain. We also realized that our dream of winning the best User Group will always remain a dream.
So myself and Abhishek finally decided to revamp the entire User Group. We also realized that revamping helps creating a brand.With a month long of brainstorming and research we finally designed a structure that may be suitable for our UG.
We decided that like any Organization, there will be Presidents in the top of the hierarchy. We decided to have four Vice-Presidents for effective delegation. The Vice-presidents were categorized based on the job role. Like Finance, Communication, Marketing, Club management etc.
As it was a blooming organization we decided this would be the right hierarchy. We built the Hierarchy keeping in mind that this is a student Organization and the governing body will be changing.

We also had a change in the logo, which would represent the Spirit of the Usergroup. Interestingly if you see the old and the new logo, the transformation of the usergroup can be deciphered.

cbeug logo

Initially when we started the UserGroup we just had one point in mind that its a student Organization and more related to Technology. The same thing you can find in the logo. The font seems to be a little informal which indicates its a student Organization and the ‘G’ is a student using a lap top, which indicates that it is more related to technology. At the beginning of the User Group we just had a forum and events more into technology.
Generally the color Orange represents energy, strength and power and usually it means energetic motivator..

The New logo has even more meaning. Our Usergroup starting growing more socialistic along with technology evangelism. The ‘U’ is a smiley. Again the ‘G’ is a student using a laptop which means related to technology. The small ‘i’ indicates innovation. CBEUG generally means COIMBATORE USER GROUP, but it also means Change, Belongingness, Experience Unveil and Grow. This also is the lifecycle of any passionate student. At the beginning he tends to bring change the way he generally is or breaking stereotype. Then he induces belongingness with the group or the place where he is. Later he provides experiences to his peers. Then tries to unveil innovation and tries to do new thing and then grows. This is what we tried to imply.Even the color has meaning. Red indicates enthusiasm, strength and competitiveness. Blue indicates creative, balanced and harmonious. Green represents persistent, decisive and resistant state of mind. We also choose this color to represent the socialistic approach(Go green kind of thing). Again the small ‘i’ orange color is energetic motivator.
Our tag is “The Positive change Agents”.Which itself is self explanatory.

Our Values:

—Bringing Change
—Inducing Belongingness
—Providing Experience
Unveiling Innovations
Growing Together


—To realize the true student potential of the city.


—To create Revolutions Each Step, implementing team work and mentorship.

Our Impact:

—To enable young people to discover and develop their potential, acknowledge their innovation and provide leadership for a positive change on society.

I hope you guys liked our CBEUG’s new Avatar.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This was the first ever bootcamp organized by CBEUG. As there were a lot of newly recruited MSP, Abhishek and myself realized the necessity for guiding them and create an opportunity for them to communicate. The venue of the BootCamp was Zoom Consultancy. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Anil Nair for providing us the venue and also special thanks to Fazulul Rahman and Vivek Balaji who helped us.
We had MSP across different districts. We were even happy that the students we recommended became MSPs.There were a couple of more MSPs who happen to miss the session due to various reasons.

Abhishek and Myself began the introductory session and we started off explaining our past experiences and how we were recruited into the program and so on. The Ice Breaking session was effective, we made the new recruits make 10 statements about themselves out of which 5 statements should be stated false, and the rest of them should guess which were the false statements made by the speaker. We explained the roles and benefits of an MSP, the Do's and Don'ts etc.

Then after our lunch the CBEUG structure was explained to them. Then the method of uploading and the opportunities available for the new recruits to gain points very easily was clearly described. I was very glad that the MSPs were already in the process of planning to reach their targets. One of the MSPs (Sathya) already has secured 160 points which was truly amazing!

After the sessions and lots of coffee, we celebrated the launch of Windows 7! It was a small party where we ate some Junk food and used the Windows 7 Tissue Papers :). Overall it was a memorable event, a niche in the history of CBEUG. Hoping to make wonders in the coming days.
The New Recruits were amazing to be with. They truly deserve the role of an MSP. They were highly responsive and interactive.
We are truly glad that we were able to motivate and guide our junior MSPs, personally It really feels good within meeting them :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

ERODE STUDENT SUMMIT 2009 - Developing Interest in Students Community

Cool rangoli in vellalar college

After a successful Developer Conference in Vellalar college last semester, they invited us again to conduct a similar conference. This time we wanted it to be a different, so we suggested them to call the nearby college students as well. As it was a conference with students in and around Erode, We named it as
Which is a technical gyan event conducted by CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group, were all the Microsoft Student Partners, Mozilla Campus Representatives join together and conduct a one day conference in Erode. ESS '09 was conducted on 26th August which had more than 300 students across different colleges. The participants were from Bannari Amman Institute, Nanda Engineering college, Vellalar Engineering college, KSR Engineering College, Mahendra Institute Of Technology, Excel Engineering College and Excel Institute of Management.

Recruitment for MSP had also begun. As a MSP, we can refer few students which gives added value in their selection process. In order to refer a right candidate we planned a MOCK RECRUITMENT PROCESS in ESS '09. For which we had planned Aptitude, Group Discussion and Interview.

Myself and Abhishek made a point that we would be motivating New Recruits and take them along with us to various events that we would be conducting. This time we had two new recruits with us.
It was nice to see a new recruited MSP, Ramkrishna from M.Kumarasamy college of Engineering,Karur, who joined us in this conference. New recruited MCR, Vivek Balaji from our college also Joined us.

We started with the usual introductory session were we explained them about our usergroup, CBEUG. We also gave them a brief about the MSP recruitment process and also about the MOCK RECRUITMENT that we had planned. We then took a lot of interesting sessions like Robotics, Microsoft Academic Initiative, Windows 7 , Virtual PC, User Experience, Internet Security, Firefox and a lot more.

Parallel to the sessions that were going on, we were conducting aptitude test , Group Discussion. Myself and Abhishek engaged the morning session, after that we were completely busy with the MOCK RECRUITMENT PROCESS. The aptitude test had very simple questions from mathematics, C and a lot more interesting questions. A set of Students after all these process were selected by us. We asked them to Register at with our names as referrals.
Overall we had a great and laborious day.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All about Genographic Project

Human migration over the years

Human evolution has always been a mystery. Everything that is said to be 'known' about human evolution is based on scientist's interpretation of archaeological and fossil evidence. It is obvious then, that, most of the facts informed are based on incomplete evidence
In the same way Human migration and many other question that are still unanswered (without 'proper evidence') but we wish they were answered, like who we are? How we moved around the world? How humans are found everywhere on Earth? How did we get here? Where did we come from? And why do we all look so different?
DNA studies says that all humans today descend from a group of African ancestors who about 60,000 years ago, began a remarkable journey. (Unbelievable rite)

In order to answer all these IBM and National Geographic came up with a 5 year Project named the Genographic Project on April 2005(one more year left for completion). It helps in creation of a global database of human genetic variation and associated culture data like language, social customs, etc... This database will serve as an invaluable scientific resource for the research community. Many human races are facing a cultural extinction; take our own country as an example. Our country has a diversified rich culture which is facing extinction due to modernization which cannot be avoided. This project will help in keeping a record of our cultural context.
The Genographic Project is headed by Dr. Spencer Wells, a pioneer in using DNA samples to map human migratory patterns. Dr. Wells is accompanied by researchers from IBM's Computational Biology Center and a global team of prominent research scientists from 10 research centers around the world.
Another very interesting thing about this project is that even we can be a part of it. By purchasing Genographic Project participation kit (which cost $100 approx :( ), a person can anonymously contribute his or her own genetic sample to the Project.
As the sample is processed, the results themselves are made available through a secure login that can only be accessed through the use of the unique Genographic Project I.D. number which is provided with the participation kit.
We can learn about our deep ancestry and the migration paths they followed thousands of years ago while contributing to this scientific initiative in a very meaningful way. The results will also place us on a particular branch of the man family tree.
When I heard the word ancestry I thought by participating in this we can find out who is our great grandfather and my relation with some great and famous people we read in our History books(lol :)), But it’s actually not. We can only find our direct maternal or paternal ancestors—where they lived and how they migrated around the world many thousands of years ago.
For example, if we are an African descent, the results will show the initial movements of our ancestors on the African continent, but will not reflect most of the migrations that have occurred within the past 10,000 years.

Check these links for further details
National Geography website
IBM website

Tuesday, May 5, 2009




This was the 2nd Microsoft Bootcamp that I attended. It was an AWESOME bootcamp and this is where the AWESOME saga begun.


To know the entire story, please read


No one can write the Bootcamp Goa experience better than him. :D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

CBEUG @ Karunya University on 20th March 09

Mr. Siddarth Prakash, Program manager, Microsoft along with CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group conducted a seminar on Introduction to .net, Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Academic Initiatives and a lot of cool demos in the premises of Karunya University on 20th March 2009.
Karunya University is located 25 kms away from Coimbatore.
There were more than 1100+ attendees from 1st, 2nd, 3rd years of IT and CSE Department. It was organized by the .net club of Karunya University. The students were really very enthusiastic and interactive.
The session went on for a period of one hour, and the enthusiastic crowd required more time to shoot questions at Siddharth, who also was dynamically answering them. The Director of the Engineering Block, Mr. Blessing was very instrumental in making this event a grand success. The students of the college also spent some quality time with Siddharth and the Microsoft Student Partners to learn more about their ideas and future plans.

- Developing Interest in Student Community

Its an technical gyan event conducted by CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group, were all the Microsoft Student Partners, Mozilla Campus Representatives join together and conduct a one day conference in Coimbatore.
This time the CSS '09 was hosted by INFOSCIENCE, a campus club of Tamilnadu Engineering College.
The college is situated in picturesque surroundings, abutting NH 47 (Salem-Cochin) in Karumathampatti, 30km for the industrial city of Coimbatore, 20km from the textile center of Tirupur and 10km from the temple town of Avinashi.(tats wat they have put in their website :D)
INFOSCIENCE is a highly enthusiastic and well organized campus club.Special thanks to Shiva Shankar, Vipin and INFOSCIENCE members(the people behind the scene) of III yr CSE .Their management skills was truly admirable.
There were more than 1400 attendees from more than 20 different colleges in and around Coimbatore.

We started with Microsoft Academic Initiative which included Microsoft Student Partner Program, CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group Channel 8, MSDN AA, Live@Edu, Dreamspark, Ineta, Imagine Cup 09, Faculty Connection and Student2Business.
Immediately after that Windows 7 was taken, students were very keen throughout this session and were amazed by the cool features. Then we explained them how to create a Virtual hard disc in windows 7 which is an inbuilt feature in it with a demo.
After 1 hour of lunch we started with a session on Mozilla Firefox add - ons and all about blogging.
As things were going too technical, we conducted quiz in the middle.That re - energized the students as they were all given goodies for simple questions . Then we took few more technical sessions with a lot of demos like creating a silverlight & WPF applications, then Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Photosynth and all about User Experience. We also played a small skit to make the students understand the problems faced by company on the issue "wide gap between developer and designer". That made them understand more easily.

Then at last the most awaiting session Microsoft Robotics Studio was taken. All the students were thrilled and excited. They were really amazed when we showed them how easy it is to write a program in Visual Programming Language and also run the Robot in Simulated Environment.
Then once again we did our usual crap of askin the same old question "convince us what operating system does Rajinikanth use." because we believe that it makes the crowd happy. :D. We gave 4 GB pen drives for the winners.
CSS '09 was a grand and successful event and we are sure that it had Developed Interest in Student Community

Friday, March 20, 2009

Developer Conference - Vellalar Engineering College, Salem on 28th Feb 09

From Untitled Album
Vellalar College of Engineering is Located at 7 km from Erode Railway Junction & Bus Stand, TamilNadu. We had been invited by the students for conducting a Microsoft student Conference on 28th of February 2009.We received an awesome hospitality from them. A special thanks to Ganesh and Jemima of III rd year IT department.
From Untitled Album

As in every function we had a inaugural starting with lighting a lamp (“Kuttu Vilakku").
We were really embarrassed and also a bit nervous when we sat on the Dias with the Principal, Administrative Director, and Head of the Department of IT Dept. We were really proud when the Administrative Director said "It’s really nice to see 4 boys from their 3rd yrs and that too from a new college sitting next to me in the Dias". We had audiences around 500+ which included
• 2nd & 3rd year CSE
• 2nd & 3rd IT
• 1st &2nd MCA
As usual we started with the introductory session about our User Group, Microsoft Student Partner program, Microsoft Academic Initiatives. Meanwhile we were also conducting Group Discussion and selecting Students for AIESEC interview.
Then technical sessions that included Into to .NET, VS2008, Expression Studio, Demo on Expression blend and Linq, Virtual PC 2007.
From Untitled Album
We also spoke on Microsoft Research which included Microsoft Surface, Photosynth, Boku, Live Mesh and Windows 7.
After that while getting the feedback we put up a question "convince us what operating system Rajinikanth uses".
The following students were the participants
1. Bala Shankar III yr IT
2. Selva Prabhu II yr IT
3. Rajkumar III yr CSE – A
4. Aravindhan II yr CSE
5. Rangaraju II yr CSE
And many more (sorry guyz I forgot all ur names)
We had many funny and interesting answers from the students, Selva Prabhu II yr IT who got the maximum vote, won a GENUINE VISTA BUSINESS. After the conference everyone appreciated us and from the heart thanked us. The HOD of IT department attended the whole session and was extremely happy about the success of the event. He said he had done a mistake of not calling us long back itself, to his college.
After the conference we took Interview for AIESEC and winded up.
From Untitled Album

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Workshop - Mahendra Engineering College on 2nd & 3rd March 2009

Mahendra College of Engineering is situated on Salem - Tiruchengode main road 27 KMs from Salem and 33 KMs from Erode which are main Railway Junction connecting all important cities of India.
After our successful Developer Conference in their campus last year, they invited us again for conducting a Workshop .
This time we planned for 2 days workshop with 1 day completely dedicated for Hands on Lab.
@1st day:
There were 200 attendees on the 1st day.The attendees for the 1st day were from:
• 2nd & 3rd ECE
• 2nd & 3rd IT
• 2nd & 3rd CSE

We started with Microsoft Academic Initiative which included Microsoft Student Partner Program, CBEUG - Coimbatore User Group Channel 8, MSDN AA, Live@Edu, Dreamspark, Ineta,Imagine Cup 09, Faculty Connection and Student2Business.
Immediately after that the most eagerly awaited session, Windows 7 was taken. Where the students were amazed by the cool features. Then we explained them how to install and run different operating system virtually using Virtual PC 2007.We were provided with Internet facilities which helped us in showing demos.
After a 1 hr break, we started with technical sessions which included VS2008 with demos for explaining collaboration and productivity feature in VS 2008, Live Mesh with a demo synchronizing 2 laps and then popfly with a Demo on Mash Up. At last we ended day one with explaining about Mozilla and Blogging.

@2nd day:
For the 2nd day Hands on Lab, only 90 of the 200 students were selected as we could arrange only two labs with 45 computers each. So in LAB 1 we installed SQL SERVER 2008 (Trial), VS 2008 Express Edition and in LAB 2 we installed Small Basics, Expression Blend & VS 2008 Express Edition.

The attendees for the 2nd day were also from:
• 2nd & 3rd ECE
• 2nd & 3rd IT
• 2nd & 3rd CSE
As it was hands on lab we started of early, 8:30 AM itself. For the 1st 45 students we helped them in having a live working experience on creating a website with zero code using in VS 2008. They learnt how useful it is to create a master page and develop a website. They also learnt how easy to create a database in SQLSERVER 2008 and connect it to the website.
Simultaneously the other set of 45 students learnt how easy it is to write a program in Small Basics when compared to that of writing program in TURBO C++. They also learnt to design a media player using Silverlight Technology in Expression Blend and then easily code in VS 2008.
After the break in the second half it was vice versa.
The students really had a lot of fun, learning by actually working on them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Abhishek Suresh is currently doing his 3rd year B Tech Information Technology in Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is not only my fellow MSP but also a Mozilla Campus Rep and a AIESEC member. AIESEC is the world's largest student organization. Let us hear all about it from him.

Hi Abhi how are you and this is your second interview .

Hmmm.. Ya and Thanks man for giving me this opportunity :)
Its my pleasure. So what is this AIESEC all about?
AIESEC is a non profit organization, its the world's largest student organization. It is an international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact on society. It is an organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. AIESEC is actually an acronym, it stands for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales. Meaning: An international association for Economic Sciences and Commerce students.

how did you become a AIESEC member?
I happened to see the advertisement in The Hindu. Went and enrolled. I underwent a group discussion and a team activity, then I was selected after an interview.
what are the benefits being a AIESEC member?
The benefits are many, some of them are:
• Developing your interpersonal skills
• Meeting new people, and learning new cultures.
• Developing your corporate contacts
• Improving Leadership and management skills.
• Realizing your worth, discovering the potential within you.
• Of course added value to the resume
• and many more :)

How do you feel being a AIESEC member ?
I feel proud and gifted to be an AIESEC member. I have made so many new friends, i have met so many people who seemed to be like arriving from a different planet. Its fun being in AIESEC

what are your future plans?
Well as of now I have applied to the Vice President post, Outgoing Exchange department. I'm hoping to be a good leader. Putting my skills to the test :)

How AIESEC has helped you personally?
AIESEC in simple terms is a link between the students and the corporate world. I have been a member since October. Since then we had a lot of meetings and a couple of conferences. It is an amazing experience. You get to meet different people, you get to learn etiquette and stuff. Its a market of opportunities, where you can choose your opportunity. :)

Hey dude thanks for the info. I guess it will help others a lot.
If you also want to be a AIESEC Member register here as soon as possible.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hear other Mozilla Campus Representatives Experience on "Mozilla on the street" Competition

Abhishek Suresh and Sheriff Mirza, are also MCR in my college.They both are in 3rd Year IT dept. Let us hear their experience. is their You tube link and I hope you comment it too.

Hello Abhi and Sheriff congrats for being selected as MCR. Its really great to have three MCRs in our college alone.
Hey thanks.

So guys please share your experience creating this video and what you could make out?
Even we had a lot of fun creating this video.We visited a couple of places, and it was an amazing experience speaking to many people. It was embarrassing and funny in the beginning, eventually we got a hang of it and it was fun indeed. We made a compilation of the funniest and best interviews which would of course make the video a bit interesting to watch.
From our Statistics, this is what we obtained:
Google Chrome - 20 Users
Mozilla Firefox - 16 Users
Safari - 15 Users
Opera - 15 Users
Internet Explorer - 8 Users
Maxthon - 1 User
Ares? - 1 User

Oh i have not even heard of the last two browsers.Great job guys

Get to know about Mozilla Campus Representative

Fazulul Rahman is currently doing 3rd yr B.E Computer Science and Engineering in my College. He has been selected as Mozilla campus representative and taking session on Firefox and many other Mozilla products in our college. Recently Mozilla conducted a worldwide competition "Mozilla - on the street" in which he had participated and now is among the top 3 who have won this competition. Let us hear his experience

and know what this mozilla campus representative is all about.

You can also watch his survey on YouTube "" and guys please do comment on it.

Hello Fazulul Rahman, how are you?

Ya, I am fine Arumugham, How are you?

Fine. Hey congrats dude. Its really nice to hear that you have won this competition. great going.

Thanks. :)

First of all, what is this Mozilla Campus Representative all about ?

Anyone who really feels to educate and share knowledge among people and form a group of people who are passionate about open source software and the participatory Web? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, you should be a Mozilla Campus Rep!

Hmmm. Then what are the benefits being a MCR ?

Of course being a MCR gives a lots of benefits . Your resume get enhanced as you get a reference letter from Mozilla, develop your marketing skills to finest and obviously gain knowledge about open source software and web technology.

Wow. Can you share your experience in "Mozilla on the street" competition and what you had to do ?

Ya I had great fun. It is a competition for all the MCRs around the world. It is all about taking a survey from people from various disciplines, to know about their views on Mozilla Firefox.

It was really an awesome experience hearing the exceptional usefulness of Firefox from the public. It made me to think that people are very much aware of the world’s most fastest, safe and useful browser “Mozilla Firefox”. In this on the street experience, i met loads of people. They find Firefox as their best companion when it comes to surfing or searching…while there are only few who have little knowledge of just loading web pages through Firefox. And there are even few who haven’t heard of Firefox and still stick on to the old default Windows browser “Internet Explorer”. I took this opportunity to teach and show them that there is Firefox for them to lead. I also helped them come out of that little knowledge and made them use the world’s fastest browser “Mozilla Firefox”. I helped installing them the recent Firefox and showed them the difference in speed for loading WebPages between Firefox and IE. I also explained them the useful features like add-ons, private data clearing, player integration, download manager integration, popup blockers, etc…

that’s cool.How do you feel being a Mozilla campus representative ?

Well I really feel very proud to be a mozilla campus representative(MCR). Its really a great opportunity to share knowledge and technology, Amidst students and IT professionals.

What are your future plans as MCR ?

I am planning to conduct sessions in various colleges, in and around Coimbatore. I am also planning to conduct a Conference on web and open source technology inviting various IT Professionals and students.

It wouldn’t be complete without telling us, how you have been selected as MCR?

Generally I am passionate towards Mozilla Firefox and its my favorite browser too. So I thought of getting some way or the other related to it and contribute something. While surfing I came across this website from where I came to know about Mozilla's service towards students.

As this was the only way to be a part of Mozilla, I was really active in various forum of Mozilla and I showed my interest of becoming a MCR. Finally I requested and after considering my profile, I was selected as Mozilla Campus Representative.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What is LINQ? Explaination with a Demo

You all know that .NET 3.5 Framework is an incremental release of the .NET Framework and its formed by adding LINQ, ASP.NET 3.5, CLR Add-in Framework and several other.
The .NET Framework 3.5 builds upon the previous versions of the framework, namely the .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0. More specifically, you can think of it as though the .NET Framework 3.5 has a dependency on the .NET Framework 3.0 with SP1 and 2.0 with SP1.
What is LINQ??
LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query which means the querying capabilities are built into the language. You can do queries against pretty much any kind of data, not just collections. It’s the newest Technology that’s integrated into the newest versions of C# AND VB.NET dealing with organizing your data structures in a manner similar to the way databases organizes data.
It’s not just an enhancement to the collection classes. Instead, it’s built right into the language.
How do I work on it??
1. Visual Studio 2008 to be installed in your system.
In order to program with LINQ, you need the latest C# or VB.NET. The best place to get these is Visual Studio 2008 (codenamed Orcas).
2. Don’t want Visual Studio 2008 to be installed.
You can instead just install the .NET 3.5 framework and can compile C# and VB.NET code at the command line. This is relatively easy to do, but you need your own editor and need to write all the code from scratch without the help of project templates. which is bit difficult.
We are going to develop a console application in VS 2008. In this program we are creating a function named divisible () which selects and prints the number that are divisible by 2.
These are the steps to be followed
1. All you need to do is create a new project and open a console application in Visual Studio 2008.
2. Within the class program create a void function, divisible ().
3. Create and initialize an array of integers, arr [].
4. Right after that is a bolded and enlarged expression below, which may look a bit odd. It looks like an SQL query! The code is an expression that says to obtain all the numbers in the array that are divisible by 2 and store the results in a variable n.
5. Create a foreach loop for finding x in Nums and print it.
6. Call the function divisible() from main.


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace linq_demo
class Program
public static void divisible()
int[] arr = { 5,10,15,20,35};
var Nums=
from n in arr
where n%2==0
select n;
foreach (var x in Nums)

static void Main(string[] args)

The output is

This, as you can see, is a list of all the numbers in the array that are divisible by 2.
Look at the bolded and enlarged expression above, it has three parts:
1. A from clause
The from clause says where to get the data.
2. A where clause
The where clause specifies a restriction on which members of the data that we want.
3. A select clause.
The final clause grabs the data
Notice the data type of the Nums variable: we're using a datatype called var, which means the compiler will figure out (at compile time) what type to make for the variable. When programming with LINQ this helps simplify matters. However, clearly Nums must have a data type. In fact, it's an internal type that implements IEnumerable. So you could rewrite the declaration like so, you prefer:
IEnumerable Nums =
from n in numbers
where n %2==0
select n;
But it would be easier if you simply declare it as var , you need not find out the exact data type and then use.This helps simplify matters.